Turning 65 is a major milestone for many, because at 65, you’re finally eligible to enroll for Original Medicare! This entails Original Medicare Part and Part B, which provides important hospital and medical insurance coverage for your medical needs.

The Medicare enrollment time frame begins three months before you turn 65 , the month you turn 65 and three months after you turn 65 The best time to get your Medicare coverage is within the first three months of turning 65.

On the basic level, Original Medicare Part A covers stays at hospitals, while Part B is responsible for physician fees coverage. Through private insurers, you can also make use of Part C and Part D.

Part C (also called Medical Advantage)and Part D add more coverage in terms of benefits related to dental, vision, and prescription drugs.

It’s also important to understand that with the copayments, deductibles, and medical care coverage exclusions, there are certain costs the Original Medicare does not cover. In this scenario, Medicare Supplements come into play.

Medicare Supplement plans are provided for by private insurance companies, and are essentially used for the purposes of covering the gaps in your Original Medicare Part A and Part B plans. For this reason, they are referred to as Medigap Policies!

We help you not only with your Original Medicare situation, but also in the process of finding the right Medicare Supplement plans to provide additional coverage.

The Right Medicare Insurance Broker for You!

When it comes to choosing your medical insurance broker, it’s essential that it is someone who knows the ins and outs of the Medicare insurance business. They should also be able to cater to your needs not only on turning 65, but also be capable of playing a role in helping your case beyond the age of 65.

At Medicare Values, we ensure that you get the best value for your insurance dollar, and guide you in making the right decisions for your Medicare insurance plans.

If you have turned 65 or are close to the occasion, then you’re going to need some assistance with getting the right information and finding the right insurers. Call us at (800) 619-4450 or e-mail us at info@medicarevalues.com with any queries and learn more about health insurance in Raleigh.